Sean Stone Presents: “Brussels Attack False Flag Theories Explored with Sibel Edmonds & Kevin Barrett”

Was Brussels a false flag terror attack that has been blamed on ISIS by Europe, the US, and Israel? We explore the familiar playbook of the “terrorists” in Belgium, connect the dots with Paris, 9/11, and Operation Gladio in this uncensored discussion with Sibel Edmonds and Kevin Barrett. How has the target on Syria and Assad allowed for acceptable civilian casualties in Europe, and what threat does ISIS really hold? Enter the Buzzsaw with Sean Stone and find out.

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  1. 2goodponies says:

    Thierry Meyssan reports from Damascus that Turkish President Erdogan is now widely regarded as the prime suspect in the March 22 terrorist bombing of Brussels, Belgium and its nearby airport. Meyssan also points to emerging evidence that would implicate Erdogan in the Paris massacre of last November 13.

    According to Meyssan, the chain of events leading to these tragic events goes back to 2011, when the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé entered into a secret accord with then Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu for the purpose of carving a new and artificial state, out of northern Syria. This meeting occurred during the first year of the Syrian war, when Erdogan and Davutoglu were still counting on an early disintegration of the government of President Assad.

    The new artificial state was to be called “Kurdistan,” but it was to be located on Syrian territory stolen from that country. To populate this new state, the Turkish government was preparing an enormous campaign of ethnic cleansing, deportations, and expulsions designed to expel virtually all Kurds from its territory. The original agreement reached in the talks between Juppé and Davutoglu was reportedly confirmed at a subsequent higher-level conference with the participation of French President Hollande, the then Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and a renegade Kurdish leader – specifically Salih Muslim Muhammad, co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party, a political formation among the Syrian Kurds.

  2. Sibel, you mentioned here that the rift you mentioned earlier between Erdogan and his Gülen-CIA base has been mended. At the time, you mentioned several reasons for that rift:
    – Erdogan made remarks about the flotilla invasion
    – He was looking to join the Shanghai Club
    – He was considering planning Chinese weapons.
    and you noted a shift in western portraying of Ergodan leading you to hypothesize that Erdogan was being set up for regime change.

    Has something changed in regards to the arguments you were using?

  3. Another question for Sibel:

    You once mentioned that Turkish generals don’t move a finger without (asking) Washington’s approval.

    Would you elaborate on the Turkish invasion of Cyprus? That would have been an invasion of a NATO country, Greece. If the Turks were acting on Washington’s orders / approval, what exactly would Washington’s design have been at the time? Was there a quid-pro-quo? If you do XYZ then you get to annex a piece of Cyprus?

    I’m asking because Cyprus was being used as an argument against my thesis on another forum that the Turks wouldn’t have taken down a Russian plane without having at least the impression that Washington would back them in some way.

    • Correction: Here’s the timeline as far as I can see:
      1952-02-18 Both Greece and Turkey join NATO
      1960-08-16 Cyprus attains independence from the Brits, becomes republic. Intercommunal violence remains.
      1964 Turkey tries to invade Cyprus but is stopped by a telegram from president Johnson
      1974-07-15 The Greek junta orders a coup in Cyprus with the apparent aim of annexing the island.
      1974-07-20 The Turks invade and split off the Northern part.

      This looks like it could very well have been a Washington-approved split: Appeasing two member states by sacrificing a non-member Island. Is there any concrete evidence around that the Greeks and Turks operated under Washington’s coordination?

  4. Maybe ‘the Russians’ recognized positive importance of ‘withdrawl’ in face of usual ‘msm anti-Russian opprobrium – taking the high ground immediately before ‘peace talks’..pulling the teeth of media ranting against their part in Syria. All the time contributing on-the-ground – as the air support into Palmyra proves. ‘They are still very much part of operations, but to most ‘radio news’ listeners, have already left Syria . Also, with NATO/fascist buildup in Ukraine toward Donbass, etc – the coming summer – would suggest, next round, it best to have only one front on at one time?
    Great discussion. Hearing the three of you talk is invigorating. The Sheik has got it right I think. 911 was the end of US empire, and the beginning of zionist – or at very least, ‘neoconazionist’ empire. very succinct. 911 and Yinon. Certainly appears to be playing out.

  5. About not knowing which side Putin is on, here’s an article written by a guy who obviously has talking points to make, but still:


    The author is trying to smear Kissinger with Putin and/or the other way around.

  6. Lawrence Shea says:

    Excellent review of recent history and the power structure that manufactures that history. First of all, In my opinion, it is best to view Israel by an alternative name – Rothchildesia. Israel is a state entity in the portfolio of the Rothschild family, whether one recognizes this or not. It is certainly recognized in Israel. The Rothschild family created Israel in order to control the Middle East. They and their ilk controlled the British Empire and they currently control the British Commonwealth. They have controlled the USA Empire since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. While it is true that they have taken more and more blatant control of America’s government, this is merely a logical outcome of their having taken control of our money supply and of our mass media.

    All of those who are really interested in better understanding the topics discussed in the interview would be well-served to read the following material: “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”, by Stephen M. Walt and John J. Mearsheimer; “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How The U.S. Was Used to Create Israel”, by Alison Weir; “Might over Right: How the Zionists Took Over Palestine”, by Adel Safty; “The Globalization of NATO”, by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya; “Full spectrum Domination: Totalitarian Democracy in The New World Order”, by F. William Engdahl

    In order to more fully appreciate and better comprehend what is going on in Ukraine, one has to enter the ‘way-back machine’. Enter Maps of the Khazar Kingdom, from 300 C.E. to 1000 C.E. This Hunnic-Jewish Kingdom, which was largely comprised of invading Turkic Huns from the Eastern steppes, was subjugated and confiscated by the Rus, who were the proto-Russian people. Well, guess who wants it back? Victoria (born Noodleman) Nuland-Kagan and the whole Neocon-Zionazi gang of Israel-first thugs.

    If you want to delve even deeper into this subject matter, then get copy of Paul Wexler’s book, “The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavic-Turkic People In Search of A Jewish Identity.” At the time (1993) that he wrote this excellent book, Mr. Wexler was in the Department of Linguistics at Tel Aviv University. Of course, there is “The Thirteenth Tribe”, by Arthur Koestler and “The Jews of Khazaria”, by Kevin Alan Brook. These works should also help you to better understand the Turkey-Israel accord, especially Wexler’s work.

    I would also encourage you to read the Book of Esther, the original of which made not one mention of God. The great Spanish rabbi, Moses Maimonides (“From Moses to Moses” goes the Jewish mantra) said that “the book of Esther was the most important book after the five books of the Torah.” Well, of course it is; its a veritable handbook for Jews on how to seize the control and power over their host country. It is a simple formula to follow; just seduce the leader and through lies and intrigue get him to murder his loyal servants. It has been a very successful template for the Jews over the centuries. Purim celebrates the book of Esther.

    a very thoughtful article, which was written by Linda Heard, appeared in Counterpunch on April 25, 2006; it is entitled, “Is the US Waging Israel’s Wars?” By all means, read “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” as well as the Oded Yinon Plan with commentary by Israel Shahak. The PNAC Report is a must-read for anyone serious about understanding what our Neocon-Zionazi controllers have in store for US. For now it appears to be the same old thing; more chaos, confusion, illusion, terror, financial uncertainty, and the threat of nuclear war. In other words, a true strategy of tension!

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