Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: New NSA Whistleblower Fears for Her Life

Peter B. Collins presents Karen Stewart

After 28 years at the National Security Agency, Karen Stewart was fired in 2010 and continues to face retaliation that she fears will lead to her death. After filing a complaint with the Inspector General in 2006 about a workplace dispute, Stewart endured harassment, home invasions and false claims that she was delusional and paranoid; her security clearance was pulled, then she was terminated with a gag order. In 2015, she discovered that the man who broke into her house was a high-level NSA manager, and payback resumed with obvious 24/7 team surveillance, just like they do on TV. Her most alarming claim is that she is being targeted with Directed Energy Weapons beamed in from nearby homes, and fears that ongoing exposure will lead to cancer or seizures that could be fatal.

*Karen Stewart joined the NSA in 1982, and enjoyed positive job ratings and promotions to GS-12 before her report to the Inspector General. She lives near Tallhassee, Florida and is pursuing a new career as an artist.

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  1. And yet we still depend on those like her to get the dirt on what really is and isn’t. If it wasn’t for them we would know nothing. Don’t turn that nose up too far.

  2. Hmm..!
    “the next war will be won by
    whichever side best exploits the electromagnetic
    Sorry..A little bit of..
    Copy and Paste.
    But..This is the firth time..
    I see this..( Directed Energy Weapons ).
    Talk about Donkeys..!
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  3. Ramola D says:

    The incredible picture of NSA corruption that emerges from this and previous interviews Karen Stewart has given is truly shocking. Thank you for this detailed interview and thanks to Ms. Stewart for detailing the horrific abuse and retaliation being illegally engaged in by what is supposed to be a national security agency. She is giving voice to an experience shared by thousands in the US and abroad, due in no small part to the NSA, but also as you point out to the interlinking of federal agencies and law enforcement–not in the sense of all these people being whistleblowers, but becoming targets, sometimes of “opportunity,” by merely crossing paths with the sociopaths in this tangle of Military, Intel, and Private contractor agencies–who are both running programs of harassment and programs of non-consensual human experimentation on civilians and veterans both. (See

    For more on Electronic Warfare, electronic harassment, and the illegal and inhumane, experimental or operational use of these barbaric “non-lethal” weapons on humans, please see articles at– a few links:

    Spectrum analyzers, EMF smog or leak detection meters, and ELF/RF detection meters are some detection devices for some of these frequencies. Some shielding advice here:

    There are many writers–Nick Begich, John Hall, Renee Pittman, Mark Rich, Cheryl Walsh–who have written books and articles on this subject; some of them are listed in the articles linked above; for others, please visit or (Freedom from Covert Harassment) or or or or Mind Justice for more listings. There are many other informative sites, please look up “Targeted Individuals” or “electronic harassment.”

    There is a pressing need for journalists of conscience, integrity, and courage to explore, research, and cover this tremendous issue of Secret Policing–or secret harassment with directed-energy weapons currently underway in the US and worldwide–our Departments of Justice, Defense, and the whole conglomerate of NSA/FBI/CIA/DHS have to be exposed and held accountable and these weapons Removed from their arsenal. I do hope this interview will be the first of a definitive attempt to address this issue, for the benefit of all Americans, and all humanity. We are at a point in time when military weaponry has been made, by way of wireless, EMF, and sonic technologies, concealable, covert, and widely-used: there is an obvious danger in this, to all of us, and we need a Media that is unafraid to explore and lay bare this subject. The culpability of Justice and Law Enforcement is explored in my articles (linked above).

  4. I have listened to the whole thing now. I have decided that I would begrudge anyone who does come forward. This is my personal policy now. It is good to have this data. Might be incovenient for them to kill her now.

  5. I would NOT begrudge anyone who does come forward. Typo.

  6. Could someone put more details on these weapons on this site? I don’t trust many site referred to.

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