Newsbud: New Kickstarter Campaign

It’s the start of our new Kickstarter campaign. We have 45 days to raise $150,000, and we know we can do it with your help! Make a pledge, subscribe to Newsbud, put the word out. And please take action as soon as possible—the first few days of the campaign will be the most critical to our success.

Now is the time to stand up for your right to be informed and help create a news and multimedia network unlike anything else online, in print, or on TV. Newsbud will produce original stories, investigative reports, video-podcasts, editorials, and discussion forums, and it will be a real independent alternative because it will be 100% people funded.

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  1. David Williams says:

    Im so excited to see that this is continuing on! Let make this happen 🙂

  2. Raymond Kitchen says:

    Good Job everyone. This will happen no matter how hard the establishment tries. I will pledge what I can again!

  3. Um, yeah, I think I will just support BFP, and if I can Newsbud.

    I think you are being scammed more than you can imagine.

  4. Gaston Peeters says:

    Ryan Thebo: “Thinking about funding Newsbud?: Please read before you do.”
    Why? I fail to see what believing (or not believing) in ufo’s/aliens has got to do with funding (or not funding) Newsbud. I’m definitely in the camp of the believers myself. I like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell. I even watch the Project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy stuff, which is as ‘far out’ as far out gets and I find it fascinating. Things that Sibel and her people probably regard as nonsense. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that Newsbud will be a much needed alternative and thrustworthy news outlet for socio-political issues. Whether James Corbett or Sibel or any of the other people on Newsbud believe in reptilians, grays or pleiadians is the least of my worries.

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