Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro- Istanbul Airport Terror: Glaring Unasked & Unanswered Questions

Update 1- Thanks to BFP/Newsbud member CuChulainn we now know that Ahmed Chatayev was provided safe refuge by Austria to evade extradition to Russia. Please see the report provided by Tyler Durden at Zerohedge here

In this first episode of Newsbud’s Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro we discuss the recent Istanbul Airport Terror Attacks, asking the questions no-one else is asking, also providing an analysis of the timeline of events and the players involved. Take a look at the information available and ask yourself… does the ‘Official Story’ add up?

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Show Notes

Cumhuriyet (In Turkish)- The Terrorists in Istanbul Airport Attack are Identified

Hurriyet (In Turkish)- Russia: “No citizen named Osman Vadinov found in Russia”

Zaman (In Turkish): Breaking Development on Suicide Bombs

RT-New footage shows Istanbul airport attacker frantically looking for victims

Coincidence? US State Department Renews Travel Warning Day Before Istanbul Attacks

Cold-blooded killers: How three ISIS suicide bombers herded travelers like prey with no chance of escape in carefully coordinated attack that killed 42 at Istanbul airport

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  1. CuChulainn says:
    The head of the SBU personally oversaw the liberation of the probable organizer of the terrorist act in Turkey
    Alex Gladki,, Jun 30 2016

  2. CuChulainn says:

    Following Tuesday’s horrific attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport which resulted in 44 death at the hands of 3 suicide bombers, Turkey was quick to blame the Islamic State for the terrorist act. And while that may be accurate, something surprising has emerged about the alleged ringleader of the group of three men who have been since identified as Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz nationals. As Russia’s Kommersant and Turkish media report, a Chechen national suspected of being the mastermind behind the deadly Istanbul airport terrorist attack, had previously received refugee status in Austria, which helped him to repeatedly avoid extradition to Russia on terror charges.

  3. CuChulainn, you the best! We were guessing Belgium or UK- now we have Austria!

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