Newsbud Breaking News: Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps

CIA-Gulen Driven Turkish Police Forces Aided & Abetted the Failed Coup Plot

The three most important regiments involved in the Turkey Attempted Coup plot and implementation have been part (members) of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC) since 2003.

A group of plotters of the failed Turkish Coup Attempt used a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other. Based on well-documented information and established identities gathered from these intercepted communications, at least three out of the five coupist regiments were (and still are) part of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps. Further, the group used the emblem and slogan used by NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps: “Peace at home, peace in the world.”

The intercepted communications also expose the role of the CIA-Gulen network within Turkey’s police force, and how it readily welcomed and aided the Failed Coup Attempt.

Newsbud news with Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras delves into this significant exposé and provides viewers with context and analyses missing from western media outlets.

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Show Notes

The Turkish Coup through the Eyes of its Plotters

The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC)

YouTube- Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt

Confront NBC: MSM Disinfo Machine- from Iraq’s WMD to the Turkey Coup Attempt

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Sibel Edmonds’ Operation Gladio B Series via Corbett Report

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Excellent work Newsbud team.. Sibel and Spiro, you guys are doing a great job…

    I understand that you are fighting this from the United States point of view, and you want to stop your loved country USA from the route it is currently taking, which is towards the “thought police” that movies like “1984” warned us about. If you are a US citizen today, then the responsibility of freedom of speech and liberty lies with you, and not taking action is equal to endorsing police state…

    That said, I still think Erdogan had a hint about the plot, and let me explain why i say that…

    The mosque “warning” system was always there, and was used in many countries recently, like egypt, tunisia, bahrain, libya amongst many others.. Normally, it is done over the phone between all the “mosque” mullahs to coordinate these actions, previously, it was done on horse back.

    if we to say there is only 50 mosques in Istanbul (i know there is thousands) and 50 in each other city, and there is only 10 cities in Turkey, then that’s a total of 500 mosques.

    A phone call to all these mosque to explain the situation and to raise the alarm should take around 5 min minimum, so 5min x 500 mosques = 2500 minutes or over 41 man hour.

    and All that is assuming you have the full database of mosques and telephone numbers for current mullah in place, which is most likely a muslim brotherhood guy…

    So, if you have a team of 50 people, all manning the phones, and all have the right list of people to call (prepared days earlier), and you get hold of all of these guys, you will need at least an hour… (again assuming only 50 mosques per city..), and the list of mosque is a guarded secret at ministry of Justice, I assume…

    So, either Turkey is the most prepared country in the world and most organized, or this was planned in advanced

    By the Way Sibel… I enjoyed listening to you speak in Turkish, I don’t understand a word, but the language is still warm to my heart…

    • Olivier says:

      If the mosques would have prepared hierarchical warning order in advance, they would have been must faster to react on an event than you imply: One guy calls the top mosque, which calls four others, each of which call four others, and then in no time you would cover the 500 you mention.

      • VoiceOf Arabi says:

        Hi @Olivier,

        You are 100% correct, and normally they have similar structure per city to ensure things don’t get abused.. but this system is rarely used, as the governments normally have better communication systems in place.. It is only used against the government, and hence, it is weird that it was so fast and was executed on the same night and within few hours from the coup… (i would go as far as say it would be impossible to do unless it was prepared in advance).

        Normally, this would take a minimum of a 3 days to organize.. you prepare for the broadcast/preparation around the Friday prayers…

        Churches have similar system using the bells….

        • I presume the hierarchical order could have been laid down years ago. I remember we had a system like that at school to notify us pupils that a morning teacher was ill. The reaction to sickness was fast. The order was put in place months before, at the beginning of the school year.

          • VoiceOf Arabi says:

            it is a good idea, but no such system exist today in any of the muslim countries… if anything, this is seen as a threat to governments (and occupiers), and therefore usually ensure it is broken 🙂

            So, short answer.. this was not part of the system in turkey today. under normal circumstances, Turkey needed at least 3 days to activate it… the fact that it was deployed at minutes notice can only translate to someone some where expected this to happen.

            Erdogan can see the future…

  2. chuck70 says:

    The reference to Bellingcat as your source is a bit troubling. He has constantly been a source of dis/misinformation on Syria and Ukraine. How are we supposed to take him seriously?

    • CuChulainn says:

      once a source, like Bellingcat, has been identified as a source of disinformation i don’t see how any claim they make can be the basis for anything without independent confirmation.

      the horror of the terrorist war on Syria is compounded by the work of Bellingcat and other agents of the spectacle to completely intoxicate western opinion–the kindly dentist from London, Bashar Assad, as loved as a leader could be, has been portrayed to the western public as, what else, Hitler.
      It is the work, even the life of man, which capitalism has transformed into merchandise. It is this which is the source of all evils. Using the corpses of the victims of capital to try to bury this truth, to make the
      corpses serve to protect capital–surely this must be the most infamous exploitation of all.

  3. Olivier says:

    Bellingcat is an Atlantic Council outfit, see

    Might they have accidentally recruited one of ours?

  4. Bellingcat says about the slogan (Peace at home etc): “It was later accepted as the approach to foreign policy for Turkey, but also became the slogan of the Turkish Land Forces.”

    So is it specific to the NATO regiments, or is “Turkish Land Forces” a much wider concept?

    • Olivier says:

      Or more generally: Since Turkey is part of NATO, is it surprising in any way that regiments involved in the coup have a NATO label attached to them? Aren’t they all NATO regiments in the end?

  5. Are these people right about this Bellingcat?

  6. Reference to bellingcat is more than a bit troubling. It is ‘lie awake at night’ troubling.
    Since MH17 went down, all the insightful and investigative work on their deceptive BUK presentations sais ‘western Intelligence’.
    One way or another. In part or in whole.
    To have it as source, is like granting the 28[REDACTED] pages as direction finder for 911 truth.
    Changes the entire dynamic.
    Its not so much ‘Bellingcat’, as ‘smell a rat’.

  7. dutchbradt says:

    Bellingham identifies three of the units involved as NATO rapid deployable corps but doesn’t go on to implicate NATO, CIA or the Gulen network. That’s coming from Sibel. Bellingcat may be being helpful in spite of itself.

  8. Can we get a direct comment from Sibel on why she used Bellingcat? Are there no other useful sources?

    • Olivier says:

      The way Bellingcat presents it, they took the trouble to ask al-jazeera for unpublished pictures of one of the phones that contained the whatsapp conversations of a selection of participants in the coup.

      These are the possibilities I see:

      X. Pentagon/Langley dwellers knew of the upcoming coup and liked the idea (let it happen)
      Y. Pentagon/Langley dwellers knew and participated in preparations
      Z. Nobody at the Pentagon/Langley saw it coming in a way specific enough to come up with a warning.

      P. Pentagon/Langley people helped during the coup
      Q. They didn’t

      1. Bellingcat has honest people working for them who just collected data, analyzed it and managed to publish it.
      2. All Bellingcat contributors are agents of the Atlantic think tank scene, and by implication dishonest if need be.

      As for the article published:
      A. The data is correct and leads back to the CIA/Pentagon
      B. The data is correct and doesn’t lead anywhere (see above: Isn’t the whole Turkish army part of NATO? How relevant is it then that the participants were in rapid deployment regiments? Is Campbell linked to rapid deployment in any way?)
      C. The data is falsified

      My working assumption at the moment is that we’re in scenario (Y,P,2,B) . I do see a slight inconsistency in that there is a risk for Bellingcat to publish correct data, you never know where it leads.

  9. So, why are we bothering with.potentially discrediting info for something thay doesn’t even matter? The real story is in finding the plotters and the motive. This obviously does not help with that, although my memory is poor and perhaps I have forgotten something. It looks like Sibel was hoodwinked into going down a red herring hole with that particular part of this story. It does seem to lead nowhere. After seeing one of the stories (the one with all the various theories made fun of) on mh-17, and the comments section, Bellingcat does seem to be a troll hole.

    Could someone tell her to have more perspicacity in the future? To me it is looking like she became too emotional on the issue and didn’t keep her head level and her mind clear.

  10. From 21:15 until 04:41 A brief read.
    A snapshot of desperate failure. Lives were lost.
    If Erdogan was looking to draw down from NATO after miserable mercenary jihad failure in Syria
    where he surely got hung out by USAM after Ghouta.
    and being sick and tired of Gulen..
    this would help I guess.
    Bellingcat tho. Its like Bernie telling voters to hold their nose and vote for Hillary.

  11. What is this brief you speak of?

  12. jackdonovan says:

    Kind of odd to report this as “Newsbud Breaking News”.

    My two cents: this coup is a mess. This is a Bay of Pigs moment for the people behind the operation. The whole thing fell apart and the finger is pointed directly at the US, the eternal accomplice in these regime change operations.

  13. tallsexyblonde says:

    According to the NATO web site (
    “The political authorisation of the North Atlantic Council (NAC), NATO’s principal political decision-making body, is required to deploy the corps.”
    If this authorization did not exist, yet they did participate in this coup (i.e. without the orders of the NAC), then is it not incumbent on the NAC to ivestigate and take to task those rogue commanders?
    In which case, should there not be any public statements or evidence about that? 
    Anyone found anything?

    • Can we somehow confirm from NATO sources outside Erdogan’s control that Incirlik was the center of the coup? In that case this reasoning would presumably apply:

      (quoted from )

      As for Scaparrotti, he declared, “We will watch closely how this relationship develops. I would be concerned if they were departing from the values that are the bedrock of the Washington Treaty [which founded NATO]the rule of law.”

      Under these conditions, US claims that Washington had no advance warning of the coup are simply not credible. Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, which hosts more than 5,000 American soldiers and is the main base for the US-led bombing campaign against Syria and Iraq, was the organizing center of the putsch. Pro-coup fighter jets flew in and out of Incirlik as the coup unfolded. Shortly after the coup failed, the base commander, General Bekir Ercan Van, was arrested along with other pro-coup soldiers at the base.

      Given that Incirlik is the site of dozens of US nuclear weapons, no credibility can be given to claims that US intelligence was unaware that a coup against Erdogan was being organized from there. Were that truly the case, it would represent a CIA intelligence breakdown of stunning proportions.

  14. Has anyone thought that perhaps Russia somehow triggered elements already interested in doing a coup? And hasbused this to bring Erdogan closer by proving to him how vulnerable he is without them?

    Although TSB’s point does point to NATO/CIA.

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