Google’s Jigsaw: Undermining Alternative Media

In this premier episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine Google’s Jigsaw, an emerging technology that will be used on the internet to counter speech and ideas considered “extremist” by the global elite. Initially beta tested on radical Islamists, we demonstrate how Google and its partners plan to leverage the technology to marginalize and ultimately eliminate opposition to the establishment. With this first episode Newsbud welcomes Kurt Nimmo!

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Show Notes

“Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis Will Be Used for Right-Wing American Extremists Next”

“Google Ideas Becomes Jigsaw”

“Assange: Google is Not What It Seems”

“Department of Justice Lists Survivalists, Constitutionalists in Extremism Guide”

“The Intelligence Project identified 512 ‘Patriot’ groups that were active in 2009.”

“Right-Wing Terrorists Are Killing More Americans Than Jihadists Are, And Now The DOJ Will Act”

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  1. Good start, Kurt, and welcome aboard. The attack on social cohesion is across the board.

  2. Good report. A lot of information here. Congrats to Mr. Nimmo and Newsbud.

    It is highly ironic, however, that in order to load this page your computer has to contact google. Specifically you have to contact google to download some of the software and fonts embedded in the page.


    I don’t know enough code to know what these do, besides the fact that the last one is probably javascript and the first two probably have something to do with fonts (obviously). But these bits of code may make it easier for Google to track who’s looking at certain pages. Of course everything we do online is tracked anyway. But I doubt google has the ability to track all of us yet. So they may still rely on tracking where specific bits of code are downloaded to track access to pages they’ve marked as dangerous. On the other hand they may also rely on the government direction for who to target. Or perhaps google doesn’t even need this code to track such things. Still, it’s unfortunate the Google is so pervasive that their code is embeded in the very page where you’re attempting to report on Google acting like Bigbrother.

  3. The jigsaw clicks and whirrs. Oct.2nd Omidyar’s intercept published exactly as BF have been saying since inception. Revealing themselves of deepstate. Professionals of deepstate.
    The ‘conversation AI’ trajectory has the intercepts’ Murtaza Hussain producing a jaw-dropping ‘lipstick on a pig’ piece worthy of deepest condemnation, glorifying the malevolent ‘white helmets’ exactly down the line of Orwellian propaganda principle.

    NO comments allowed for Murtaza piece. He needs silence to work his crock of shit.

    GOOGLE, jigsawing up a Barium riddled DUST storm, fill search page after page of ‘White Helmets™’ insufferable goodness and the peace prize. Of ASSAD the demon, and reference to barrel bombs the odious KIRBY rattles out in monotonous regularity whenever under question by RT reporters. A crippled epistemological meme stuck to the side of every possible truth sneaking out under the radar of this thought-control program.

    But ‘GOOGLE’ the known terrorist Rael Al Saleh, and all you get is a fat cock crowing from the crucible of freedom™. No name on any ”terror-watch list’ here. No mercenary terrorist murderer from the slums of god-knows where, here. No mention of Vanessa BEELEY first up in google La La. No mention of TONER and the 25 million USAID for these Machiavellian terror-squaders executing young men by the light of raving lunatic crISIS actors. While pretending to be unfunded by Governments. While pretending to being ‘volunteers.’ Beheading children. Frightened children suffering the leers of these cruel madmen backed by USAMO. As ever! Backed by ISRAEL. Backed by Perfidous Albion. Backed by the Saudi Fascists. No mention of the real Syrian Civil Defence units, and how these cuckoo nesters brutalised the REAL Syrian Civil Defence out of their trucks, ambulances. Murdering those who got in their way. No mention the determined reporting of the real alternative media of the corruption of this group of SHAMs orchestrating the very atrocities they then photograph themselves the angels of.
    the intercept.
    The jigsaw falls into place.

  4. Markus Weygand says:

    This talk relates to the bright/science side.

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