Sibel Edmonds

BFP Founder, Publisher & Editor

Sibel Edmonds is the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the founder & director of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University, and AS degree in Biology from NVCC. She is a certified linguist for Turkish, Farsi, Dari and Azerbaijani languages.

FUAMI Defies Vaccine-Passport Requirement by Florida Festival & Counters It with “NO Yellow-Badge for Floridians” Campaign

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination (Vaccine Passport) in defiance of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis signed an executive order banning Covid-19 “vaccine passports” in the state of Florida. FUAMI (Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity) is organizing a major protest and demonstration to be held in front of […]

Sanctuary States For Our Constitution- It’s Now Or Never

As our founding fathers made crystal clear, supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies- foreign and domestic, is incumbent upon every American- Not only those who must take the oath of office or naturalized citizens who take the oath of citizenship. What happens then when the domestic enemies […]

It’s Time: Sanctuary Constitutional States For The American Way!

Get Ready: This Is What “They” Are Coming for Next!

FUAMI Muzzle-Daring Muzzle-Defying Short Film Video Contest: $250 Reward!

Florida FUAMI members contestants Only. Submit your short (Under 2 Minutes) film video file (MP4) via e-mail to FUAMI: Info[at]

We Face Not Imminent Risk of Flu- But Imminent Extinction!

FUAMI Has Taken Over the Orlando Sky & CPAC! Watch Our Plane in ACTION!

FUAMI Launches “Businesses For The American Way”- FBFAW

FUAMI has launched a new coalition of independent companies united for sane and prosperous States- starting with its Chapter in the State of Florida: Florida Businesses For The American Way At the time of its launch today- on February 22, 2021, FBFAW has a list of over a dozen companies registered in Florida, ranging from […]

Lockdowns, Muzzling & Washington D.C. Cordoned Off- An Overt Coup

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Biden’s War on Florida Goes Overt- FUAMI Action Time Now!

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We Say NO to Tyranny and Are Set to End it- Together-We can, United- We’ll Win!

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Sibel Edmonds Launches to Fight Illegal Government Ordered Mandates

Sibel joins Jason Goodman on Crowdsource the Truth for a discussion of FUAMI and the rationale behind its creation

FUAMI: Florida Demands Banning ALL Local Governments from Imposing Insane Mandates!

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From the Power of One to the Power of Millions: A FUAMI TSUNAMI!

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Our States-Our Liberties & A Declaration: What Can Be Done

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