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FUAMI Muzzle-Daring Muzzle-Defying Short Film Video Contest: $250 Reward!

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Lockdowns, Muzzling & Washington D.C. Cordoned Off- An Overt Coup

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Biden’s War on Florida Goes Overt- FUAMI Action Time Now!

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We Say NO to Tyranny and Are Set to End it- Together-We can, United- We’ll Win!

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FUAMI: Florida Demands Banning ALL Local Governments from Imposing Insane Mandates!

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Unplugged- On Homeschooling, Activism & More

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Action and Activism vs. Armchair Cyber-Junkie-ism

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9/11: 19 Years On

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From Iraq-Syria to Iran: The Neutering of the Anti-War Movement & Ways to Revive It

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Deep State Unites to Neuter Antiwar Movements!

The latest Deep State transformation from covert to overt is geared to remove the last remaining bastions of the Anti-War movement. By removing the illusionary Left-Right divide lines the Deep State begins a new Bipartisan operation targeting the last remnants of anti-war activists. During the last decade we’ve been witnessing the rapid shrinking of Anti-War […]

Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: FBI Infiltrates Peaceful Activists, Again!

Peter B. Collins Presents Hendrik Voss For many years, peaceful protesters have gathered each November at Fort Benning, Georgia to advocate for the closure of America’s torture academy, the School of the Americas (renamedWestern Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation). Hendrik Voss explains that his organization, School of the Americas Watch, has accessed FBI documents […]

De-Manufacturing Consent- The Evil That Men Do: Corporatism, Secrecy & America’s Exceptional Apathy

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Lee Camp On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Lee Camp, stand-up comedian and host of Redacted Tonight on RT America. Lee talks about his new show, the comparisons to other comedy news shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and what sets his show apart from the […]

The EyeOpener Report- Beyond Common Core: Education Over Indoctrination

The Paradigm of Education over Indoctrination There is no one set method for education. Every child is different; each will learn in their own way, respond to challenges and tasks in different manners; benefit from different approaches and different levels of outside input and self-direction. But that is the real task of education; not teaching […]

The EyeOpener Report- Core of the Problem: The Real Agenda behind Common Core

Everything you have been told about Common Core is a lie. It is not a state initiative. It was not developed by educators. It is not going to better prepare students for college or real world applications. It is part of a century-long process of using the education system to mould students into more obedient […]